Ja Al Worli
Mixed Use Master Plan
Worli, Mumbai

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Ja Al Worli*

Mixed Use | Architecture | Master Planning

BBGM Architects created this mixed use master plan concept for the Reside Mumbai competition - Ja Al - reimagining a mixed use development that blends socioeconomic demographics with spaces and amenities that are appealing to all end users. Worli was part of a network of islands that were coalesced into a single landmass in 1786.  Fishing has remained one of the staples in the community, providing a reliable means of sustenance and income generation. 

The concept created here is The Net/Ja Al, which incorporates the overall design and blend of demographics through mimicry of a net's structure - several elements working together to create a stronger element as a whole.  The project was approached with the same conceptual idea, with different living spaces, architectural elements, and functional spaces designated for the two different intended demographics to work and live; however, common spaces are shared by all for blended entertainment, dining and active spaces - creating a holistic, dynamic, and inclusive project that ultimately strives for a stronger community. 

Project Details

  • Mixed Use Development
  • Jaal / Net Concept
  • Indigenous Fishing Community
  • Demographic Integration
  • Zoning Studies & Site Analysis
  • Mixed Residential Complex
  • Low Income Units
  • High Income Units
  • Private Function Spaces
  • Common Space Amenities
  • Retail
  • Parking
  • Client: Reside Mumbai