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Well-Designed Hotel Lobbies Can Make the First Impression

Well-Designed Hotel Lobbies Can Make the First Impression

Travel + Design featured the newly constructed Marriott Irvine Spectrum.  The article highlights the impact of positive initial impact.  The feature elaborates on design process, with input from MONOGRAM Principal Kathryn Mickel.

An excerpt from the article:

For the Marriott Irvine Spectrum, Irvine CA the core idea came from the site itself. The area had once been a rural farm and ranch land. Orange groves, roaming cattle and agrarian farming provided sources for a modern ranch interpretation and style as the foundation for design. Authentic materials such as concrete, steel and textured wood are used throughout the public spaces with a mixture of rustic and modern elements. Decorative lighting was embellished with leather straps and metal loops resembling horse harnesses. And the nearby coastal shoreline provided inspiration for carpets. The ranch story and materials were carried through to the guestroom areas, but real wood flooring changed to wood-look vinyl for cost and ease of maintenance. Costly metals and wood materials were used as accents and balanced with a softer and lighter palette.


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MONOGRAM Hospitality Interiors at BBGM was established as a specialty studio focused on design for the luxury hospitality and residential markets. The studio has been practicing internationally for over 20 years with projects throughout the Americas, the Caribbean, Middle-East and China. The MONOGRAM Team is comprised of seasoned professionals and innovative young designers committed to collaborative problem solving, sustainable practices, and responsible design.


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