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Conference Rewind: 2017 HD Expo

Conference Rewind: 2017 HD Expo

It’s common for most of us in the design arena to receive follow-ups, recaps, and highlights from many of the vendors we come across during the major conferences throughout the year. We thought it might be interesting, or even helpful for some of our wonderful vendors, to hear some feedback from our MONOGRAM team who attended this year’s HD Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.


If one thing is for sure, vendors who exhibited at this year’s HD Expo brought their ‘A’ game.  From furniture to fabrics, everyone came to play. There was no reservation when it came to making bold statements through color and the use of unique fabrics. We caught up with MONOGRAM Senior Interior Designer Heather Chilton, who attended the conference.  

“This was the first time I had attended HD in quite some time, and I was not disappointed,” said Chilton. “The market is strong, and you could feel the positive energy amongst the vendors and exhibitors.  The ability to see new product and build stronger or even new relationships made the trip all worthwhile.” 

Outdoor Blossom

HD is known for bringing a wide variety when it comes to the types and styles of furniture and manufacturers throughout the expo.  This year’s outdoor furniture displays can be summed up in a single word: strong.

Chilton elaborated, “Compared to previous years, I feel as though outdoor areas are finally getting the notability they deserve.  It’s no longer your basic teak or aluminum frames.  Outdoor areas are environments of their own and this year vendors really went beyond the boundaries to provide iconic, flexible and comfortable pieces that are suitable for a wide range of styles.”

Vendors brought unique materials to the table, making the fresh looks more resilient than ever. Take it from us in Phoenix, the outdoor furniture is no place to skimp on the design – and with the selection presented this year, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Carpet Tech

With the constant stream of technology announcements in today’s digital world, it’s easy to miss tech updates that impact manufacturing, durability, and implementation of common décor elements.  Carpet is a big-ticket item specified on a majority of hospitality design projects, and its importance cannot be understated. This year’s presentation of carpet solutions met the challenge head-on, delivering carpeting options that capitalized on impressive advances in production technology, translating to a strong selection for designers to choose from.

“I feel as though the colors and saturations presented this year, from woven carpets to prints, departed from stark trends that have become stale in multiple markets,” Chilton stated. “With the expansion of capabilities in designing a carpet, manufacturers have given designers the gift of endless possibilities.  Our designers can more easily adapt to the level of imagination appropriate when developing schemes, from printing a portrait directly onto carpet, to creating a handwoven forest with tufted rugs.”

Reality in Design

As many in the A/E/C industry have been anticipating, the use of Virtual Reality in the design process is taking hold.  This was abundantly clear at this year’s HD Expo, with a number of vendors exhibiting VR solutions that would allow for designing, decorating and touring all within the virtual environment. 

The ability to design, select products and even print a copy of the VR experience was particularly notable. 360 cameras have also come into their own, particularly as prices become more affordable on base models for this solution.  That being said, there is no rival to the immersive experience of VR, especially when conveying a design concept to a client or potential guest.

At the end of the day, feedback from this year’s HD Expo has been positive all around.  A strong showing from vendors makes for a great year ahead, full of exciting projects.  We look forward to continued advances in our industry, and seeing everyone in 2018! 


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