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Watergate Hotel Featured in Boutique Design

Following a $125M renovation, Washington's Watergate Hotel has reopened, and is nothing short of spectacular. Boutique Design provides the latest coverage on the project, going into detail on the extensive design efforts that restored the famous hotel to its full potential.  BBGM was the Architect on the project, providing mid-century modern details that complement the avante-garde architectural style of the building.


An excerpt from the article in Boutique Design:

“The Watergate is undoubtedly one of the most glamorous and illustrious hotels in the world,” says Rakel Cohen, senior vice president of design and development, Euro Capital Properties. “We paid meticulous attention to every detail in its renovation and we're excited to bring our vision to life. Its intrigue is driven by evocative design, from the deep-rooted retro feel to the mystique that lies behind every curve of the hotel's architecture.”